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Handmade and Fair Trade Instruments

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Handcrafted Big Fish Rasp

Big Fish Rasp

Lead the band with this pretty (and pretty loud!) big fish rasp, carved from fast growing jempinis wood. Measures 11 inches from tip to tail, and the stick is included....

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Handcrafted Cricket Twirl Instrument

Cricket Twirl Instrument

Twirl the drum around the stick to produce the sound of crickets chirping on a warm summer evening, or hold the drum and rotate the stick with your wrist to...

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Handcrafted Domino Slap

Domino Slap

Slap the wood discs together like perfectly aligned dominos creating rolling rhythms using a juggling motion with your hands. 16 inches x 2.5 inches Meet the Artisans The Jamtown vision...

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Handcrafted Large Wingo Shaker

Large Wingo Shaker

Handmade in Peru, this traditional coconut shaker of the Amazon jungle is very light but has a great sound. The piece is 14 inches long including the sisal top. Meet...

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Handcrafted Mini Gourd Shaker

Mini Gourd Shaker

This mini 6 inch gourd is a small shaker for small hands! Designed with carved and burned details to bring out rich shades of brown. Meet the Artisans The Jamtown...

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Handcrafted Mother Owl Shaker and Drum

Mother Owl Shaker and Drum

Artisans adorn a narrow gourd that contains stones and has a goatskin base with an owl design using traditional fire-burning techniques. The 8-inch tall instrument is both a shaker and...

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Handcrafted Ocean Gourd Drum

Ocean Gourd Drum

Decorated with fish by artisans using traditional burning techniques, this 10-inch diameter handmade gourd drum with goat skin includes a drumstick and playing instructions. Rolling the drum produces sounds similar...

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Handcrafted Set of Two Handmade Wood Egg Shakers

Set of Two Handmade Wood Egg Shakers

Handmade in Bali, these wooden eggs filled with beads make great shakers in the palms of your hands. Sold in a set of two, they measure 3 inches long by...

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Handcrafted Shaker Drum with Fabric

Shaker Drum with Fabric

This shaker drum is 8 inches in length, with a 2 inch diameter drum head. This instrument is filled with seeds - shake it up! Meet the Artisans The Jamtown...

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Handcrafted Shona Hosho Shaker  Each

Shona Hosho Shaker Each

This hollowed gourd and seed instrument will change your rhythmic life. Sold individually. 10 to 12 inches tall x 5 inches round. Meet the Artisans The Jamtown vision sees people...

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Handcrafted Small Frog Rasp

Small Frog Rasp

This frog sings a song with you stroke its spiny back! Hand carved from fast growing jempinis wood in Bali, the wood grain on this 3 inch long instrument is...

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Handcrafted Small Kalimba Thumb Piano

Small Kalimba Thumb Piano

A smaller decorative variation on the traditional African kalimba or "finger piano". The hollow box body is made from renewable wood with rustic burn designs. Discarded scraps of metal are...

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Handcrafted Three Gourd ViVi Shaker

Three Gourd ViVi Shaker

Three Cucu gourds mounted on an easy-grip board provide a powerful shaker that is easy to manipulate in many directions for different effects. With fine accent details added with burn...

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