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Who We Are


When you buy from Fair Winds Market, you are getting and giving something truly unique, made with astounding craftsmanship and skill, unlike anything you will find in your local stores.  These pieces entice conversation and wonderment and each one of our thousands of products has a little of the crafter's story next to it.


Every piece here at Fair Winds Market is Fair Trade, handmade, and sustainable.  


Fill your life with pieces that have meaning behind them like:

  • hand-spun, hand-painted traditional pottery from Nicaragua....

Nicaraguan woman hand painting pottery.  Display of 4 pots

  • OR hand-forged, hand-painted decorative metal wall-art made from recycled steel drums in Haiti. 

local Haitian rusty steel drums.  Artist holding steel drum art


Most of our inventory is made with recycled materials found in the crafter’s region. Old steel drums, brass shell casings, recycled telephone wire, and the nature around them.  Using their imaginations and creative ingenuity, they meticulously turn these discarded materials into something to celebrate and share with your own family.


All for your support of...

Community.  Culture.  Sustainability.  Opportunity.  Arts

So, do what's right, what feels good.  Quit putting the manufactured plastic in your shopping cart and buy something that is created with passion and supports a community.

African wood sculptors sitting in piles of wood chips and crafting


Fair Winds Market is your source for products that are backed by a number of social missions, focused around Fair Trade.

We are a U.S.-based retailer for Fair Trade crafters all over the world.

Of course, there are many more ways to be compassionate and sustainable other than purchasing from us; if you choose to move on to something else, please carry our sentiment with you.

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